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1.History of Coffee Redjang 
Kopi redjang is a brand of coffee powder product that was born from a big idea some people who are in one farmer group "MULTIKA BINA AGRI" in regency kepahiang in the year 2015 ago.The background of the idea is inspired by the state of coffee farmers in the regency of kepahiang whose economy is deteriorating over time. Based on the academic analysis conducted by the agricultural extension of kepahiang district which is generally based on the graduate of bengkulu state university and the background of the child from coffee farming family, brother Eka Susiani. SP, who graduated from the farming faculty of soil science specifications in 2003, began to calculate economically based on the average size of gardens per family member in a one-year cycle.Analyze the business with the area of ​​plantation 2 ha per head of family should the economy of every family is above average - both good. Whereas in fact each - each family head has a garden area up to more than 5 Ha. After the mathematical calculation, it turns out that the income of workforce if the yield of 1 ton of green beans whose price range is Rp.18.000 / Kg at farmer price. Then the average assumption of their income is Rp.18.000.000 / year. or Rp.1.500.000 / month. About Rp.50.000 / hari. The income has not been deducted from operating expenses and other workforce. For those who have an area up to 5 ha means Rp.250.000 / hari. That's a story of the past.Based on the comparison of population growth. If 1 family has 4 children. So the area of ​​their garden in the future should be divided into 5 parts. If it only has 1 Ha, then the garden area per person is only 0.20 Ha. With reference price above then Rp.18.000.000 / 5 kemuadian after 10 years of price growth up to 100%. Then accumulated revenue to Rp.36.000.000 / 5 (0.20 Ha / person) part to Rp.Rp.7.200 / 12 is equal to Rp.600.000, - / month. Or Rp.20.000, - / day. There is a loss margin Rp.30.000, - / hari.This means that the gross income of garden owners is only Rp.20.000, - / hari. Meanwhile, the fact that the price increase of coffee plantation products is not up to 2% increase per year. Means only 20% / 10 years. of course this is more severe than what counts. Rp.18.000.000 x 20% = Rp.3.600, + 18.000, - = 21.600, -.Based on the analysis, then the reason for the question that has been happening in the community. Why bengkulu including areas that are left behind when the natural resources are commodities coveted world. Apparently the reason is the system of agricultural management, trade governance and the worst bengkulu not doing downstream production of the resulting product. Bengkulu does not have a farming industry. So bengkulu is only able to become a raw material producers that are still very raw without further processing to increase the selling value of agricultural products.Together with colleagues alma mater and husband then began to discuss and create a discourse that bengkulu must have processed products that have their own brand and can compete with other products and able to penetrate the modern retail market such as malls and local supermarkets to outside the region.While the idea of ​​meerek itself is inspired from Gayo coffee which is branding upland gayo district and gayo tribe of Nangroe aceh darussalam province, Toraja coffee from Toraja sulawesi tribe which finally famous for coffee torabika (toraja arabika), mandailing coffee from north sumatera representing mandailing tribe and etc. Bengkulu coffee brands should represent local entities. Thus was born the brand "Redjang coffee". By not discredit other tribes in bengkulu, at least redjang coffee is pengewajantaahan highlands of bengkulu province to represent it in the world arena. So bengkulu products have a distinctive brand that describes the area of ​​origin of the brand.With limited capital eventually redjang coffee started production using roasting machine artificial CV.Mesin Java with a capacity of 20 Kg / hour purchased from Malang for Rp.18.000.000, -.Redjang coffee has an official distribution license from regency kepahiang and health permit legally and ready to enter the market. Before officially entering the redjang coffee market decided to market using an official business entity to be more easily accepted by the modern retail market. Then redjang coffee marketed using business entities komanditer CV.NAQSA GOLDEN EXOSITE. And Budiono's brother stands as director of the company for a 5-year term.Redjang coffee also conducts market analysis and market surveys for 6 months before marketing it more widely. In the first month report of redjang coffee recorded a turnover of Rp.52.500, - in May 2016. And currently has been producing an average of 1 ton / month. Still a very small achievement of projected targets determined due to lack of capital
to buy modern industrial tools such as automatic packaging machines and other support tools.

 2. Redjang Coffee business purpose 

The redjang coffee has a measurable and clear projection. Not 
merely profit orientied, redjang coffee should be able to become a branding of superior products area and impact on the economy with the opening of new jobs. So redjang coffee has a target absorption workforce that can reduce the number of educated unemployed in bengkulu. In the future, optimistic redjang coffee can absorb the workforce with a larger percentage and wide. Currently one of the business partners of redjang coffee is CV.Sejahtera Abadi bengkulu which focus on the marketing. Coffee redjang committed will not monopolize his business. And now CV.Sejahtera Abadi Bengkulu is a proof that the division in business really proved to not monopolize the business. Coffee redjang ready to partner business with anyone. At least has helped local governments to reduce more than 10 people workforce today. Small amount, but if similar business with the same capacity standing in bengkulu as many as 20 new business units. Then available 200 new job vacancy.

3.Sistem of business analysis. 

By looking at the existing market behavior in bengkulu. Coffee redjang issued various variants of products and packaging. Redjang coffee sells packaging packaging with 4 permits at the same time. Namely series 11 for glass packaging, series 21 for plastic packaging, series 31 for packaging made of paper and series 51 for packaging made from aluminum foil.Hal is to distinguish the types of raw materials used in the product and distinguish the market classification and selling price. The ones that are superior to redjang coffee are redjang coffee products that do not add any restitution ingredients (mix such as corn or other) in the product. So redjang coffee always membranding himself with the tagline "redjang coffee does not offer cheaper or more expensive price of similar competitors products, redjang coffee only offer a reasonable price". The quality of the product is the branding of the redjang coffee, not the quantity profit.


Profit is the goal of a business to survive, grow and grow into large. The math of redjang coffee in business certainly divides into two classifications of the product and its market. The bottom line is a little profit and lots or big and little profit. That's why redjang coffee shares its products for two different markets. Namely retail market with profit percentage is only range of 7% - 10% per unit and premium market with profit percentage range 30% - 35%. 
 The table above is the calculation of HPP from coffee redjang unity kilogram.  

With great shame we learned from the business perment that their profits may be only Rp.0.1 / 1 small pack of candy. If the population of Indonesia 300 million people and only 60 percent of the population consume 1 candy per day. That means there are 180 million candy sold a day. And with profit Rp.0,1 x 18 million perment = Rp.18.000.000 / hari. If your business holds 2% of the total market then the net profit willing to enter our account is Rp.360.000 / hari. Or Rp.10.800.000 / month. Fantastic, the value of Rp.0,1, - was bigger than the salary of poko general emapat (sorry, joking seriously). That's why we confidently present the brilliant prosperity of our efforts to all parties and convince the local government that we are no longer stepchild . We are even able to sit as low as standing higher in the future. Thank you Harmoko Mustovo.SP

Back talking about coffee is talking about perceptions from a business point of view and the aspects that shape a specific trend lane about a coffee product. That outlines business on coffee is to determine the basic plan of whether a business will be built on an evolving trend, against the flow or create its own trend. Is it merely a coffee trader by setting profit targets based on mathematical calculations or as a motivating business trend with targets not just on the value of profit, but more than that of selling the image.The survey results also have different methods and time targets to make decisions and the costs to be sacrificed are also different. Building an image of a product that has a premium target of course spans time, product trials, and other things is much more difficult because it does not just put on the accuracy of the data count. Various possibilities occur and market challenges are also different. When the civet coffee becomes a trend so that the variation of the price of a very fantastic offer that is no longer calculated using the general formula such as the cost of production to determine the cost of sales is not born immediately. Various researches and determining the specific specifications of the flavor and building the image of civet coffee also takes a very long and winding time, from this perception is that producers are not merely being coffee traders, but as coffee traders by image or trend.Coffee redjang also conducted a variety of surveys to coffee lovers from the start of the lower community. Various perceptions of coffee will be seen, those who consume coffee but do not know their full coffee is the target market of coffee traders involved in the economy market. Their assessment of the taste of a coffee does not really arise from the taste of coffee but from the subconscious that is injected about a certain brand on an ongoing basis. So it is very reasonable if the coffee is not necessarily a coffee connoisseur even coffee lovers. The common perception about black coffee is any black powder and coffee-scented coffee. Although the perception is not entirely wrong. At this group level, they are coffee drinkers. They do not care what kind of raw material the coffee is, what the benefits are and whether this gives an idea of ​​one's lifestyle. Although praise is good or not it is a relative matter. But relative also has class limit and level of specification.Then are those who enter in the second group is they consume coffee and coffee lovers. Their sense of smell and taste is certainly different from the first group. They have understood the typical character of a taste. Their senses are sensitive to what they receive. When they praise something they are praised with sufficient knowledge and are willing to give criticism with a good solution.Next are those who enter the premium group. This is a group of lovers. They consume and enjoy with love. Their inner senses are very sensitive when someone touches on what is loved whether it is a compliment or vice versa. In this class their love is not a blind fanatic formed from an emotional impulse, but born of a very gentle consciousness. Their knowledge and recognition is not created by a forced doctrine. And they are not the target of coffee traders in general. And irrational pricing based on formulas is not a reason for them to recalculate about whether their love will be suspended. At their level, its contribution is not just as a passive connoisseur. But it is much more concerned to judge the detailed character of his beloved coffee.Back to the perception, redjang coffee does this offer to prospective customers and starts from a coffee group, most of them judge something and make decisions based on trends formed with very strong and solid slogans.As an illustration, on several occasions including in Jakarta we bring coffee powder which according to us based on their oral acknowledgment they are coffee lovers from middle society. To test our products based on their judgment that this product should be in terms of texture, taste quality and aroma deserves what kind of assessment and if it is aligned with products that have become current trends should be like what, the specific answer is also still not firm. So we can not decide based on trends, our product will be the object of business or just a market object. Some of them are famous business consultants who claim to be coffee lovers turned out to be a corner of their field still

dwell on the theory of HPP. With a variety of perceptions that we noted as our reference concluded while that the product from our region was not able to improve the economy of the producing region. Our conclusion also is that the theory of business consultants is nothing more than simply directing coffee products from the highlands of the rejang tribal county to the province of Bengkulu merely as a market object. Finally, the dream of society that partly entrusted to us has not been able to realize this moment. That the other important thing is the recommendation of a Q-Grader even though not yet able to change the perceptions of business consultants that we consider far more understand where this product should be marketed. The final conclusion is the cost of research is very expensive, the cost of surveying the taste quality and taste is very expensive with the noble purpose of the concept kepahiang always hampered to make it happen.But we really hope we can find the right people to help us.agar find true coffee lovers who can help to glorify peasants, welfare. Because coffee lovers are those who are sensesally conscious, inwardly from where and what a cup of coffee they enjoy. They are fanatically aware that pleasure is born from a million pieces of effort, so they uphold and respect the efforts of coffee farmers. They became close friends of the peasants when the farmers made a mistake that might be considered less important by most people. Coffee lovers are the most beautiful advisers for coffee farmers to make the quality of the coffee they produce so premium that there is no chance at all to stain their love. So the award of coffee lovers is a full appreciation to nature and its managers and to provide moral and material rewards not just on the basis of calculation of business theory of hawkers. We write this in Jakarta at 00:58 wib / 22-06-16 at the end of the survey journey and when it turns out the business consultant we consult is only limited-economy oriented, not what we expected. Tomorrow we will return to Bengkulu and still dream of not making coffee from the highlands of rejang tribal land just as a market object. However, it should be one of the business objects. So that our farmers are prosperous and noble.

The development of the internet world continues to progress very quickly. The situation is also continuously supported by an increasingly widespread Internet network services to remote areas. Until today the 4th generation (4G) and 5G (5G) internet technologies have been accessible almost all over the world. So that data access services communications interconnected around the world faster. It is comparable to the development of website technology and the sophistication of dynamic websites that can be built at a low cost. The fact that today makes a powerful website at a super cheap cost is a very easy thing. Only capital domains whose rent price is only around Rp.100.000, - / year and hosting rental costs about Rp. 200.000, - / year to get access to Cpanel or Spanel services. Then the easy solution is to build a website using an open source CMS (Content Management System) such as Wordpress self hosting or drupal and many other tough CMS specifications. But the most familiar CMS is wordpress and blogger or blogspot. With both CMS's, anyone can build sophisticated websites such as online news websites, company profile websites, online store websites and even marketplace websites. In addition to wordpress and blogspot of course there is joomla and drupal. If you want to build a special website for online stores with a special platform can use prestashop platform, magento and some others. If will build a marketplace website can use osclass platform. 

Comparison of the cost of managing the website into a measuring point to determine which platform will be used and what website specifications will be built. To create a news website with full control and professional domain wordpress certainly take the number one most recommended opportunity. Because wordpress in addition to easy to use also has a very high loading speed and accurate. It's just the cost of managing wordpress self hosting more expensive. The more crowded the website receives visits the more likely the website will experience downtime because the load from the available server space is very small. To overcome this is to increase the storage capacity is greater. But the risk is if the managed website has not been able to provide income would be very heavy in terms of cost. Increasing the capacity of storage space would have to add rental fees to the hosting service provider company. Like for example at,,, or at the advantage gained is that we have full control over the data on the website as well as the website looks very professional. In addition to expensive hosting rental fees another fact proves that the price of a popular wordpress premium template is very expensive. The price of premium wordpress templates in the official market can reach $ 60 USD / license. If using a free template of course there are some features that are not provided by the template developers and website appearance becomes less professional. 
But if want to the super cheap cost blogspot is the most recommended solution. Why is that ?. platform blogspot entire database hosted by google. And other advantages that blogspot has been directly integrated with google adsense as a way to monetize the website. Quite capital domain for Rp. 100.000, - / year and integration setting fee for custom domain Rp.25.000, - (using Spanel at we already have sophisticated website with very cheap cost. To get a professional look using premium templates like Sevida V2.5 premium blogger is not too expensive. For official licenses not up to $ 30 USD in the official marketplace or envato market.
Sevida is incredibly sophisticated for the class of professional news websites. And we say this is very sophisticated and very professional. Having a wide custom and making the look of cheap websites with free CMS is making us have high pride. Blogspot plugin customization system is not as complex as wordpress and in professional wordpress plugin platform has a pretty expensive price. It's just that, take great care to compile all the functions of the widget to run with a stunning display. 

Other CMS for special specifications other than news websites is prestashop. Prestashop is more specialized to build a highly sophisticated online store website. CMS prestashop gives the website a stunning and complete website look and features for a professional website. Prestashope template pricing is quite cheap. But another fact that makes prestashop more expensive is that many plugin support is very expensive for full feature calculations.
Almost all support plugins to obtain functionality support from full-featured prestashop are not free. In addition, using the same prestashop platform using wordpress. Website managers must be willing to spend a high cost for hosting fees.


CMS who start familiar is osclass. Osclass is more specific to build marketplace websites such as well-known eg,,, and many others. Osclass has a very high display and loading speed even when in access with low internet service. The osclass display is highly recommended for building a professional marketplace website. Features complete and easy to set. But as with prestashop, CMS issued by is also the manager of the website must be willing to spend more to get the complete plugin feature. Almost all plugins are paid. And osclass itself still has a bit of template developer. So the number of osclass templates in the market is still small. While the template is essentially a "binder", for sophisticated view managers should purchase premium templates that from a price standpoint, the price of osclass premium templates is not as expensive as the price of wordpress or prestashop templates. Template "Rival" developed by Ari Budin for example, the official price in is quite expensive. However, the price in local market indonesia indonesia ( is very cheap.


Sitepad seems new stuff, sitepad as CMS which integrated directly with Cpanel to design the default template sitepad itself is very sophisticated. The system setting is just a dropdown. But still difficult for those who lay in setting the sitepad. Sitepad is more appropriate to create a company profile website and as a static website. The view is stunning only from the default template sitepad own. But sitepad is still the last choice from the standpoint of comparison of opensource CMS list. In terms of features, sitepad has not been able to match the sophistication of wordpress and blogspot. But it is enough to be recommended as an option if the website manager wants a new experience to enrich experience in testing CMS technology from the many CMS available in Cpanel. Some of the CMS available for example for CMS social networking websites include Jcow. Ie CMS better known as cloning from facebook. Or maybe use PHP7 if you want to build a special social media website dating service. Some of the above list is only the smallest part of the number of CMS available on the internet and ready to use for free. Of course before deciding to build a website with a platform that fits the specific purpose of the website must first conduct their own testing and it takes time and energy is expensive. But it's good enough to use a CMS that has been familiar and proven up to date, because the CMS is widely used people around the world have up to date guarantees of many functions and security system features. Unless you want proof that will answer all your satisfaction. Trying a new platform is certainly better as a challenge. MYB

Society era of the 1970s especially adherents naqsyabandiah congregation of course very familiar with the name of a great scholar who is also a politician from western Sumatra. Prof.Dr.Syeikh Hajj Jalaludin. A tasawuf scholar who is not only close to the ruler but also directly involved as a politician as a member of the DPRS / MPRS at that time. Many of his followers who came almost throughout the homeland of Indonesia. Along the lines of Sumatra island followers Prof.Dr.Syeikh Haji Jalaludin who still recorded their names among them from bengkulu province is Sheikh Haji Muhammad Rukib ​​Sa'in. he came and settled in the district of Kepahiang stone village belarik as well as a politician. Sheikh Haji Muhammad Rukib ​​Sa'in is a village chief for almost 30 years and is also a member of the DPRD of Rejang Lebong district. Some of the others are his brother Sheikh Muda Muhammad Tho'ib Sa'in, Sheikh Ali Permadi Taba Penanjung Village, Sheikh Muhammad Salim Ujan Mas Village, KH. Muhammad Abdul Hadi is the village that traces where he teaches still lingering on the banks of the river Tembat Karai District Ketutiang Bengkulu Province. Nowadays they have died and the naqsyabandi order has lost its popularity in bengkulu province.
According to the historical news they told and from a successor Prof.DR.Syeikh Haji Jalaludin and confirmed from followers whose names are written above. Of all followers of Prof.DR.Syeikh Haji Jalaludin especially those on the island of Sumatra. That Prof.DR.Syeikh Haji Jalaludin has an official inaugurated follower to carry on his teachings there are 1500 people with the title of "khalifah". of the 1500 Caliphs, 150 of whom were awarded the title "Shaykh Muda". And out of 150 Shaykh Muda, 11 of them 8 got the Shaykh title with a special conditional title and 3 of them with a full "Shaykh" title. One of them is Sheikh Mustari Al Baronti in sulawesi and his son-in-law Prof.Dr. Kadirun Yahya. MSc, in the north sumatera terrain (founder of Panca Budi University Medan).
Shaikh with a conditional predicate as acknowledged by Sheikh Haji Muammad Rukib ​​Sa'in is, that he does not permit permission to inaugurate the successor and establish a house of worship. While the predicate obtained by DR.Syeikh Salman Da'im different.
The last student inaugurated by the title of shaykh is DR.Syeikh Salman Da'im founder of boarding school "Darus shofa li wafa expert" high town district simalungun north sumatera. In the era of 1980 DR.Syeikh Salman Da'im around his area preach community more familiar with him with "Khalifah Da'im".
Caliph da'im which is now more familiar in Indonesia and abroad by its followers or outside followers either from the ulama or the community as "Buya Salman Da'im" or "Buya Bandar Tinggi".
The followers of DR.Syeikh Salman Da'im scattered from the province of Aceh Darussalam to the land of Papua both from among ordinary people, intellectuals and bureaucrats. For the Asian region, his followers spread all the way to Hong Kong and most of Malaysia and Singapore. Even with great respect Turkish scholars invited to their country and DR. Sheikh Salman Da'im has many followers from the Turkish country. At this time nearly 2000 of his followers have been inducted by him with the title of khalifah and taught the science of Sufism throughout the world. America and Europe are a small part of the country that became the da'wah region of his followers.
That can not be denied how the stigma of Islam today with the issue of terrorism that already makes some non-Muslim society into phopia Islam. But the other fact that the truth is more related to political infiltration that makes religion a reason to indoctrinate that Islam is a dangerous religion. This is an unbalanced mass media message especially in social media whose source is not confirmed with accurate validation. The phenomenon that social media is the source of HOAX news that currently dominates the information source for some people with high mobility.
Although the followers of the master of high school teachers DR.Syeikh Salman Da'im from the upper middle class and some of them are entrepreneurs in metropolitan cities who have access to the digital mass media, does not make him a popular cleric as the phenomenon that occurs today . Though he has some formal legal education facilities such as in Riau province there is a boarding school Darussofa in kecamatan kandis which is currently led by his son Dr.Syeihk Muda Anwar Sazali al-kholidi.Mpd and many other places. Some of his sons who are increasingly existed preaching beyond popularity as scholars

among others, Dr.Syeikh Muda Muhammad Nur Ali A-kholidi.M.Hum. in Marindal city of Medan, Sheikh Muda Munawar Kholil, .and some other sons are also in Riau.Sebagai a scholar who teaches the principles of jurisprudence, the science of proposal, tasawuf and tarekat this has a long history as a disciple who served a tarekat teacher when he was less than 20 years old. Among the teachers he studied were Sheikh Muhammad Daud, Sheikh Muhammad Ali (Mbah Ali) and Prof.DR.Syeikh Haji Jalaludin. He studied the Sazaliyah congregations and other tarekat worshiped to the 4 high priests who became the references of scholars throughout the world as well as from Imam Ja'fari. Currently DR.Syeikh Salman Da'im is very focused on teaching the tarekat naqsyabandiah al-kholidiyah which is famous for 17 levels of subjects through the method of cleansing the heart (suluk). At the age of nearly 80 years he is still actively teaching directly to the community and almost every time around the archipelago and foreign countries to preach. That his message that strongly opposes acts of terrorism despite the escape of media coverage is "the good road of many avenues that are available to ward off the ideology of radicalism and acts of terrorism is to cleanse the heart from prejudice". This message is the guidance of the propaganda of his followers wherever they preach. Strong grip as the basis of knowledge that he taught is al-qur'an and hadist.Sempat several times one of his followers who got permission to teach the tariqa naqsyabandi from him in the district kepahiang bengkulu province in the police investigation of the republic of Indonesia in his task menagkal faham radikalisme. Several times his followers were interrogated by the authorities in his investigation task and questioned his opinion of "jihad" and his connection with "terrorism". "Does the naqsyabandi tariqa teach about jihad?" The naqsyabandi (Islamic) tuhee must teach about jihad because it is a command in al-qur'an and hadith. But the tarekat naqsyabandi does not teach radicalism because it has no command in the Qur'an and hadith. "How can teach about jihad but not teach about radicalism?" Because jihad and radicalism are something different. Jihad is at war with a moral basis (adab) and it is not justified to persecute others while radicalism is at war with a base of greedy lust on the goal of achieving goals in a cruel way. "How to understand about heresy, jihad and radicalism in a whole frame". To decide whether a misunderstanding or misunderstanding must take references from all points of view of science as a whole, complete and legitimate.That al-qur'an, from 6666 verses in it there is no single verse that denies another verse. Each verse supports another verse in its entirety. So it can be ascertained if less than one letter in al-qur'an will certainly give birth to the wrong misunderstanding as a whole. The logic is that if less than one letter then the meaning in one verse becomes wrong. And if one verse is false then, will be wrong message delivered in one letter. If a letter has been misunderstood it will surely misunderstand one book in its entirety and perfection. The risk is to make the recipients diverge from the actual message written in the book of the Qur'an. A simple example of the law of "Qisash". Does the Indonesian republic state defy the qisash law and the current law is called the law of Satan "Thoqut". We must first digest that qisash command (kill kill kill.) The qisash's legal message at the end of his explanation is "..... but if his guardian forgives him, then it is better." Imagine how refined the moral message is when God tests his servant about " you are entitled to avenge your brother's death by killing your brother's killer but if you forgive him it is better (reward or virtue in the sight of Allah) .If if the message listed at the end of the letter is not obeyed, then this is what is called "radical" How could a believer have a sense of resentment that must kill his brother's killer Simple is not it ?. The above draft is the subject of the lesson taught by DR. Sheikh Salman Da'im in his dakwah as an international scholar who is not popular in the digital mass media.

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