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The era of business development since dotcom was born the earth has shifted very far. Business systems that are hampered by time and distance problems become shorter and less costly. So naturally if the era of physical war in the past has also been turned into a digital war. The system of colonization of one State against another State for economic reasons that meluluh lantakkan various physical facilities even human and other components therein also changed. But whether the suffering of war has ended. The answer is no. Because digital war is actually much more powerful and cause heartbeats very hard for the conscious to see the reality. The big question for a nation or nation that is being colonized digitally is when they are conscious to rise up and proclaim their independence. Countries with strong resources from the inventor, provider, and ruler of a digital base are like a nuclear technological State. With this technology a State can be controlled only through the screen and then very quickly the wealth of the country flows to the country's technological ruler.A State must be aware that at any time the country will be physically paralyzed if one course of action is carried out by the State's technological service ruler. One small example is. If only one day a giant internet company like google and firefox locked Indonesia or other small countries in order not to access their site. It is conceivable how big the impact of economic paralysis of this Country. No one physically citizen was injured by bullets or mortar shards. But mentally the victim will be very depressed and can be imagined other things that will be inflicted. This means that digital war is a psychological war. Imagine if one day you can not use "gmail" service. What will your business paralyze like? Are they able to do that? Of course, their wealth is so great for a political ego that has an overall economic impact then their one day loss by closing access to a particular State is not a big deal. Because the sensitive opponent they will be destroyed mentally.The biggest market player in the internet business service business that search services business is only a small part of the world's total companies: google, yahoo, bing. Google is the largest and most widely used in the world in the world. Individual and corporate subscribers leave some of their wealth of data on the site. This means google has been transformed as an online capitalist country. Their colonies of knees are almost all countries in the world. Luckily google is like an honest and transparent individual and away from indications of corruption. But the reality of our country is a colony of a big country that controls google.Of course can be calculated how much time spent to mine coal or petroleum in order to have economic value and the expected profit. And pairing just how many seconds google get the same final value. It is undeniable that digital war is the main backdrop of a country's economy. Where are the positions of Indonesia and other countries. Especially Indonesia is a territory that is legally formal but colonized from the point of view of the digital economy. Internet users who continue to grow with the availability of communication tools with advanced features and low prices is a fertile field for the world's giant internet companies plugged in power. How to get some Indonesian people to enjoy the wealth of the digital ruler. Of course by making certain agreements such as whether they should open their hardware and software factories in Indonesia and other user countries. Imagine if all hardware and software applications were manufactured in the ruling State. So it means that this country grows a variety of plants and digs natural resources in the form of mineral quarries, then sells them cheaply to the ruling State and the result is used to purchase telecommunication equipment made by the ruling State. furthermore to get the advanced service must buy the data package they provide with the expensive price. This means that this wealth resource will flow completely and accumulate in the account of the digital technology ruler.On the other hand, most of the young people in Indonesia are mental coins. Too little to want to think explicitly. Take formal education and become employees of government service then proud of the amount of wages they received as a government worker. They shop like "high class" people using communication devices with
international marck oak like "Apple" and its equivalent. Using various social networking services and being mobile. Though they do not realize only the colonies are being milked to be enjoyed milk in other countries. Their alien-branded vehicles are provided by the State through the services of which they work as laborers with the civil servant seal. Very firm in the era of digital war that relies on internetisasi most of us are prisoners of war who do not deserve to say the word "no" and should look at the ruler to the digital ruler. The big country is one of them is google. You and us are in the same position right now. Dependence on internet services is a price to die. Two children can be united and an excellent family order can be split in an instant because of the internet. Then when Indonesia can provide a large database of google for its people. Or like a rich singapore just because the country becomes a transit data. While Indonesia is only as a data user.

The growth of small scale industries in Indonesia is increasingly visible. Both because they are supported by government programs as well as new trends that are starting to rise in a society that is shifting from society as a workforce into a business community. It is inevitable that the system inherited by the Dutch colonial for hundreds of years implanted the mindset of most of the small people as a result of the pseudo-social stratification implanted in Indonesian society. In the days of Dutch colonialism ruling the term "priyayi" for those who work in the government services of Dutch and royal employees as societies with high social strata continues to make an impression to this day. This fact makes our society a society that is incapable of making an idea to make its own power in a sovereign economic system. Whereas people who work as government employees are people who do not produce in real. Then how can people who do not produce something can be sovereign economically. But it seems that this culture is deliberately offered and implanted in the subconscious of our society that time and is still inherited to this day. But the strange thing is, when now the actual college graduate workforce has been trained to incorrectly prepare their futures based on the cumulative grade achievement standards as a guarantee of success. Make the community have to fight hard to gain strategic position in government and job position in companies. And only a small portion of those who soon realized then they see the great opportunity behind the failure of government systems in Indonesia that is creating employment. The positive impact is the burden of employment and the number of unemployment numbers declining although currently should be recognized only decreased slightly. But the negative effect is competition to be merely acceptable in an institution as an employee "because they are a society of failure" which is only able to become a consumer and the burden of the global economy leads to cheap wages which in turn leads to a systemic poverty distribution.
The phenomenon occurring at the present time is that those who are simply to be accepted as lowly employees with low wages even to cover the 30 percent rate of their family's economic needs are willing to spend some money for a very low position in government. Imagine this phenomenon. A college graduate is only willing to be paid with a wage of Rp. 300.000, - / month with payment system per 3 or 6 months, their cumulative grade index is above average. They are scholars and some even carry master's degrees. Not to mention the corruption system in Indonesia that has become a culture and almost - almost a kind of religion in some societies. For a small position in the government agency as an honorary worker must spend money of Rp. 5 million rupiah just to get a piece of work assignment letter. Let those who do the calculations.
The phenomenon that leads to social slavery. Why? Because our scholars have been directed to become unproductive societies as well as about misinformation in society that the social strata of an employee especially a government official has a higher position. This is wrong and the world of formal education that created this systemic slavery for many years from the Dutch colonial era. Is this an accident ?. We have agreed that this is something we do not realize that the elite and the high-class economy are actively participating in planning this systematically just to defend their own existence and sovereignty. While some Indonesian society is still drifting in a beautiful dream as an employee with an elite appearance but lacks strong economic sovereignty,
A civil servant for example, has become a general secret about the practice of rasua in Indonesia to be accepted to work as a civil servant. Several individuals may have been deliberately organized and this seems to be the effect of Indonesian politics and democracy that do not have a clear demarcation line or a pseudo-democratic system. They have to pay up to hundreds of millions of dollars at this time only for wages of less than 5 million rupiah per month. Imagine if this is a business method !. It will take a long time to arrive at a capital turning point (BEP). Not to mention the eagerness of the wildly wild consumerism lifestyle and this is a good bait for institutions of credit that come like heavenly angels. These unproductive lowly employees are willing to give up most of their pay to pay off margin or interest

and the modern money lender. This is called modern systematic colonialism. They do not deploy the army and fly the flag at us. But economically and socially and even the politics of our sovereignty is only a false painting. But new phenomenon has been born in Indonesia for the awareness of young intellectual society born in 80s era. Even the more dahyat are those who were born in the era of the 90s. Their productive consciousness began to grow and was ready to build small business empires and in fact grew faster than the giant company that the elders built for years. Why do they grow ?. Internet as a source of information access very quickly without the boundary of the state make the young Indonesian intellectuals who are sitting in college more have an obsession to become real rich (entrepreneurs) than the pseudo-rich (private employees / civil servants). Young intellectuals still in the golden age of thought, was able to break the empty euphoria of the social strata of the employees who in the colonial period were labeled "priyayi" as a deceitful ingredient in order to remain colonized by the colonials. It's not a bunch of kososng if on this day a graduate under 25 years old has up to 11 subsidiaries. Digital industry, culinary industry and other industries. It is not even a nonsense if an amateur video maker who is often called youtuber and an online writer called blogger has been able to dedicate themselves as entrepreneurs. The Internet is a golden bridge that breaks all the notion that doing business analysis to make business strategy decisions becomes difficult. All information is open 24 hours in a matter per millisecond. When a prospective civil servant in Indonesia must spend 200 million rupians to enter the workforce of a blogger only 200 thousand dollars. If civil servants should be prepared to deal with traffic jams and extreme weather a blogger can still communicate across borders between countries while pouring coffee beside their bed. When a civil servant has to hold back for year-end recreation a blogger is preparing for recreation at the end of each month. When a civil servant returns home to share a story with his family about his work achievements a blogger or youtuber is preparing himself for the national television broadcasting room as a speaker to be witnessed by all their friends in the village. 

The kabawetan tea garden is the ideal area to enjoy the weekend. The weight of various activities during the 6 days work in the office takes a special time to flex the nerve. The peak area became one of the cheapest tourist destinations. Finding clean oxygen from the outdoors and enjoying the beauty of nature's grace can be the best means of reflection. In bengkulu province, kepahiang district is one of the popular tourist destinations. Just like west java with ciwidei, jambi with the beauty of aro wood tea garden, simalungun district with exotic tea garden sidamanik. Thus, kepahiang offers tea garden kabawetan as a leading tourist destination.Kabawetan also became famous for the taste of robusta coffee that became the prima donna of coffee from bengkulu at the national level. This is the reason why the government continues to make and develop kabawetan as a region of coffee. So the priority of development and promotion of kepahiang coffee is always more accentuated kabawetan. Although coffee plantations in kabah districts are almost complete and kabawetan only a small part of the coffee-producing area. Kabawetan actually more identical with tea. But identity as a source of premium coffee producer is more visible than kabawetan as a tea producer.The establishment of kabawetan as an agro-tourism area is a positive program to support the economic growth of kepahiang regency. With the establishment of an agro-tourism area, the government will surely distribute more funds to the region. But it seems the local government forgot many things for the future of the peak garden area of ​​kabawetan tea. Currently almost all the potential assistance from the local government kepahiang all directed to the top garden agro-tourism garden area including small machine machines that quite a lot. Whereas if the peak agro-tourism area of ​​the kabawetan tea garden will be used as the lungs of the world that produce clean oxygen, various government assistance for some small coffee processing industries is not appropriate. The reason is, if the small industrial machinery that contributes to carbon air pollution in the top area of ​​tea garden kabawetan amounted to very large and then grow into a carbon-producing industry is quite masiv. So in the future agro area top garden tea kabawetan can no longer be a supplier of clean oxygen. Because it will be a concentration area of ​​carbon dioxide generators from diesel engines.Long before this district head regency kepahiang Bando Amin C Kader has set kepahiang industrial area is in the district karat karat village penanjung length. Because this area is located at an altitude of 500 mdpl. While the top of the tea garden kabawetan remains used as a major supporter of clean oxygen producer.This is most likely due to the procurement of industrial machinery provided to some small industries in the peak area of ​​the kabobetan tea garden without going through a thorough study of the impact of future air pollution. The obsession of the regency government of regency kepahiang under the leadership of the regent is currently an obsession with no rationality that thinks about the fate of a region. District government kepahiang precisely not focus on infrastructure, especially the highway. The road that was built to get to the peak of the district is very narrow and difficult to pass by large buses. The tourists from outside the area who want to travel to the top of the kabawetan using large buses should re-think against various risks. Sharp bends and narrow roads and deep ravines pose a serious threat to tourists desperate for big buses. Unless the tourists use small vehicles. If travelers use the buses would have to replace their vehicles and add a greater cost.The would-be tourists who have already heard about the exoticism of coffee kepahiang and only heard that the most delicious coffee from kepahiang is coffee kabawetan may have to regret. Unless they prepare perfectly what vehicle they will use to get to the peak area.The world should know.That if the world heard about robusta coffee kepahiang very phenomenal is true. But the world should know that coffee kepahiang is a coffee that originated almost from the entire district kepahiang like subdistrict across the musi, sub-district karai tebai, district merigi, district ujan mas, subdistrict bermani ilir and subdistrict estuary kemumu. While coffee from kabawetan sub-district is a fraction of all coffee produced in kepahiang district. Each robusta coffee produced by each sub-district has the advantage of a special character.
'Dutch coffee' is the name for the robusta coffee species originating from the ber
mani ilir and estuary kemumu with a very small seed shape, solid and has the aroma of fruit jackfruit and banana fruit combination. While "coffee cik ari" comes from the area of ​​rimbo donok kecamatan tebat karai which has a special taste. Robusta coffee from the hillside village has unique special taste and has altitude parallel to the peak of kabawetan. That is, that if the obsession of local government that should make the top area of ​​tea garden kabawetan become agro area is not controlled by institution - institution of N.G.O. national and international who care about the environment, community kepahiang district and bengkulu province may feel the negative impact in the future. Due to the small industrial machinery continuously supplied by the local government without review it may be a medium or large industry that contributes to carbon dioxide pollution. Temperatures in the peak area of ​​tea garden kabawetan will increase. And in the future the peak area of ​​tea garden kabawetan as a net oxygen producer becomes threatened.

In the midst of incessant government of bengkulu province to build SMEs to face bengkulu wonderful 2020 in the case of reduction of poverty index, this year (2018) bengkulu provincial government through the cooperative and MSME service held advanced training from previous year training program that is business feasibility training and buillding capacity in education and training center (Badiklat) bengkulu province which is planned to have 11 batches. The first generation of this year was held on 23 - 27 April 2018 as many as 40 people from 10 districts of the city of bengkulu province. Early training for beginner entrepreneurs to build a business or business towards a bigger goal. Through business analysis training to execute a predetermined business plan. There are many interesting things in each of the training sessions, namely the inter-active discussion between the participants and the lecturers from respected universities in bengkulu city, among others Dehasen University (Unived), Muhamadiyah University of Bengkulu (UMB) and lecturers from internal cooperative and SME services. The most interesting thing is the learning session guided by Mr. Asrial B, S.Sn.AK one of 30 assesor in Indonesia. The atmosphere of practice with the presentation system and discussion between groups of participants makes the time available to be felt less.One of the participants of UMKM representatives of the cooperative and MSME service of kepahiang district representing SME Coffee Redjang on the sidelines of discussion question and answer proposed that the provincial government of bengkulu through the cooperative and SMEs and related offices begin to develop and develop digital products and digital industry in bengkulu province. Currently the local government seems to focus solely on the development and marketing of local products to be marketed through digital digital media. Such as through website, weblog, social networking and marketing through marketplace which have exist nationally. But it seems that the government has not fully supported MSMEs not only as users of digital products, but rather as owners of digital products and their industry.In his argument in the middle of the discussion of representatives of MSME of Kepahiang Regency who manage the marketplace site requested that the local government continue to encourage SMEs also began to glance at digital products such as making applications that market it. Digital products more easily penetrate the international market. Especially if the industry is in bengkulu province. according to him currently the sites that he manages to use the domain and hosting are rented from the domain and hosting service provider company in jakarta in general, digital activists in bengkulu have not classified its activities as an industry. Though this is a positive activity and also reduce the unemployment rate or at least as an industry that can contribute economically to bengkulu. The number of young people who do blogging and seriously manage the website very much and has not been officially organized in bengkulu. A simple example in bengkulu has been, a company engaged in online motorcycle taxi services using mobile applications. It is not impossible if the government is willing to allocate some of its budget for the development of digital industry in bengkulu, will be born application products from youth - bengkulu youth. Not to mention the birth of local fintech companies and website based companies such as tokopedia or bukalapak in bengkulu province. One of the activities of bloggers bengkulu who secretly contributed to the flow of the economy from abroad into bengkulu is the bloggers who take advantage of blogging activities as well as participate in the google adsense ads publisher program. One blogger who currently works in a packing printing industry at a bengkulu packaging house (RKB) says that he can get up to 1.5 -2 million rupiah a month as a google adsense publisher partner. Though the number of bloggers in bengkulu active more than 30 people. The money they earn directly from google inc a giant internet company of the world. Their products are papers, videos, creative design and so forth. The products they produce certainly no different from non-digital products such as processed food products for example, coffee powder, steak, citrus syrup kalamansi and various other snacks. Food products have always been a mainstay in every exhibition event both local and national and even international level. While digital products as a product that is also economically valuable has not been given a special place to participate in the exhibition.It is conceivable if in bengkulu there are 1000 industrial digital products. Website as factory or store and content as its product

Tourism is a primary requirement nowadays. Tourism becomes the same as food and clothing for the modern society. Because the tour concerns the subject matter that is very important for one's psychology or members of society. Weighing the demands of work to just meet the needs of food to trigger high levels of stress for middle-class society. Office routines and job responsibilities as well as building a business industry. Some of the main supporting mental endurance is travel. At least the ideal need for a monthly tour for a small tour of short distances. This is an opportunity for some people who see that the industry will grow faster than the food industry. The growth of the service site traveling to be one proof that they see this opportunity with a very smart.Basically, cheap tourism is still the dominant destination for most Indonesian society. And a small selection of classy tours and currently also quite cheap for travel to foreign countries. Various promo bidding service provider of travel services makes many middle-class people have the opportunity to travel abroad. Religious tourism is currently a business trend. Despite the end of this many events are enough to make the level of confidence many people become decreased. For example various travel service company umroh a lot of swallow victims.Bengkulu as one of the areas that continue to be built tourist wisatanya. In various forms of events held by both government and private to show that bengkulu is a tourist destination that must be included in the list of favorite tourist destinations.Bengkulu Province has a long history and has not been widely exposed. With its beautiful beaches, some tourists say that "Bengkulu is Bali which is located on the island of Sumatra" the charms of its longest and longest beaches of Southeast Asia and the beautiful cluster of hills with a wide variety of special local tribes. Particularly kepahiang district located in the path of the golden triangle, rejang lebong located at the foot of the mountain kaba, and lebong districts are overseas famous with mangkuraja coffee as well as the origin of the famous vietnam coffee. Always never runs out in a single story.Currently, regency kepahiang and regency rejang lebong still be hunted by coffee lovers. Even some of them come from german, australia and japan. For the Vietnamese state certainly news about the coffee district lebong not a new thing. Robusta coffee enjoyment from kabah district is quite famous and some processed coffee products such as brand konakito, trabas, redjang coffee (red coffee) and ikola koffie had left for Moscow for product exhibition.This thrilling coffee-growing coffee trend is a lucrative business investment gap. This has not really been done either by local entrepreneurs or local governments seriously. While some outside entrepreneurs have seen this business potential as their business objective. Regency kepahiang especially agrotourism peak area of ​​tea garden kabawetan certainly become the next target after long beach bengkulu. The tumbunya of the hotel business industry has not been visible in regency kepahiang. That's why some initiatives of youth - local youths who have business ideas are thinking about how to realize the concept of a tourist hotel public tourism."They call it home stay, but we more agree to call it a community hotel".The idea may be the same, that every resident's house provides lodging rooms of each (1) unit for tourists' lodging. And only limited to 1 unit of each family head for equity. In order not to happen those who have large capital control over all these business assets. This means that the income potential of each family will be evenly distributed. The limit of stay in a room maximum of 5 days for tourists and then must choose the rooms of different families. This is how to get all the people to enjoy this business program. The management system may be cooperative. In order for the offered price has a clear standard and does not harm tourists.Currently the community and the youth who have a fashion tourist business want an investment from outside the region if necessary from abroad to realize the tourism program with the concept of this public hotel. Through the site that some visitors come from major countries such as the United States, Russia, Canada, Philippines, Peru, Chile, Singapore, Argentina, Germany, South Korea and United Arab Emirates continues seek support from various quarters and one of his support is to ask the world to remind the government
kepahiang district that build small industries as a contributor of carbon dioxide from diesel engines that have been continuously developed by the local government. The concept of a government-programmed coffee village is not in line with the concept of agro-tourism in the peak area of the kabawetan tea garden that becomes a net oxygen contributor in the future with the development of industries using diesel powered engines.


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