Sevida - Responsive Magazine Blogger TemplateMany bloggers should consider (as writers in the online media blog) before they really decide the main purpose of being a blogger. Whether a hobby or indeed will be used as a professional job. Some of the bloggers writing online dimedia is way out of the deadlock and frustrating due to the difficulty of being accepted by the offline media writer. They must be experts or observers whose opinions and suggestions are awaited by the public to fill the rubric in newspapers or magazines. Unfortunately it is not an easy thing for the paper whether it is an article or a fictional story can be accepted for publication in the media. The reason is the amount of mass media and columns provided is not proportional to the number of authors who want their works appear in mass media. That's why since the Internet boom, they've found an ideal escape to publish their papers without facing many of the standard rules about a paper. There are, however, two different places where their article or fiction works will be published. First there are offline media that have large capital and established online media in response to the challenges of the times with high mobility. This media is actually the same as the offline media they have, only difference before the previous paper only, now turns into a virtual based. This means that their standard standard of paper whether journalistic or fictional works that they will publish must go through many very strict screenings. Their media privacy is very high. Secondly, the authors are willing to create personal blogs to publish their work in just a few easy steps. But there is a new fact in the future, that publish papers on the internet also has a strata that leads to keprofesionalitasan someone. Writing a free blog like in blogspot or wordpress is still classified that although their work is good and needed by the public, some of us judge that their papers are not from professional papers. So for the bloggers who pursue prestige in showing the social strata in the virtual world would be willing to spend more budget to create a premium blog by buying a domain and hire hosting. The question is, if the purpose of blogging is just a hobby with no clear purpose. So spending more budget is not something right decision. But for those who are blogging with the goal of being a professional worker to make money, then spending a budget is a must. Because the purpose is clear, work for the money and monetize their blog with rental advertising space and so on.Luckily again is, that with a relatively very cheap budget one can have a blog that has a professional impression. Using your own domain where the rental price is only about Rp.100.000, - for domain, com, etc. But there are domains that cost the usual rent up to millions. For example domainanda.luxuary, the price offered up to juataan in they decide to use their own hosting in order to have the flexibility in managing their blog, then the choice is whether to use a commonly used CMS like wordpress or buy their own platform that must be very high budget. The fair choice is to use blogspot or blogger, google pyra's stolen google platform is available for free. And for a blog site impressed professional and classy then use a paid domain to then do a custom domain. (we will not discuss about custom domains here, and quite a lot of other blogs are discussing this).Back on the main topic, after deciding to create a professional blog with its own domain, but still efficient from the budget side of the server rental cost (hosting) ie using a custom blogspot domain platform, it is time to monetize the blog. Nowadays very many online affiliate advertising programs are willing to pay those who provide little space on their blogs to display their affiliate ads (advertisers) as well as companies independently bargain their blog space to review or publish their products and services.The most prestigious and targeted bloggers are adsense ads. Google's google ad serving program has always been a hot topic for bloggers. Not because of the high credibility of the internet giant company is just a world of consideration why many people crave to be accepted as publisher (advertisement) owned by google partners. But this is on the basis of consideration of prestige. How hard is it to google to accept the millions of people who are willing to space their blog adsense ads google adsense,